SStarTrade SA

Situation and principles of confidentiality

Our professional principles on rendering services completely conform to standards of the best international consulting companies and also are key for us:

Individual approach.

Although our services have names that settled in business practice, we do not sell standard products, which have a universal effect for all types of organizations. In each case we take into account the specifics of our Clients and the challenges they face. For this reason, our Company engaged in sales and Customer relations only the most highly qualified consultants who are beginning to provide services at the stage of delimitation of the projects and tasks.

Position of the top manager.

We solve all the assigned Client tasks only from the standpoint of top management of the Client company and its shareholders. Strict adherence to this principle is a feature not only our services, but there is an essential condition for high quality of execution.

Objective independent view.

When developing recommendations, we are guided by exclusively objective facts elicited during the analysis.


Our work is guided by complete satisfaction of needs of the customer. The principle of confidentiality is inseparable from high-quality and reliable consulting services.

Team work.

Work on each project is carried out by a project team. In spite of the fact that often certain sites of works, regular meetings held for discussion of results and the assignment of specific problems to team members allows to make use as much as possible of skills and experience of all team members that positively affects quality of the services given.

Involvement of the Client.

At the stage of project organization, we try to involve as much as possible employees of the organization of the Client directly related to the works in process. It allows to lower significantly the formal organizational barriers arising on the line the Customer-Contractor, to hold preliminary testing of our recommendations at various stages of development, to begin to transfer to the staff of the Client the skills necessary for the successful implementation of our recommendations.


In each project, we seek as soon as possible to acquaint the Client with our conclusions and results of the analysis, not postponing them until formal expiry date of the project stated in the contract. Such approach allows to consider as much as possible priorities of the Client and to increase the value of results of our works, and, if necessary, cardinally change the directions of researches and the analysis.