SStarTrade SA


1. Correct registration of assets of Clients for the purpose of ensuring required level and their protection.

2. Structuring ownership of assets for the purpose of fiscal optimization.

3. The organization of the correct transformation of assets of Clients into capital provided that money is previously brought out of a business conduct.

4. Creation of optimal tax solutions at implementation of investment projects and trade financing.

5. Professional escort of clients concerning corporate services, allowing the client to concentrate on business conduct.

6. Legal services:

  • legal and consulting maintenance of all types of the international transactions;
  • ensuring safety and confidentiality of the beneficiary;
  • creation of holding structures;
  • tax planning, fiscal optimization;
  • creation of schemes for protection against raiders;
  • carrying out audit, existing legal schemes and consultation on their optimization;
  • registration of trademarks;
  • provision of services of nominee directors and shareholders of the company.

7. Investment services:

  • preparation of business for sale;
  • providing interests of the client at overseas purchase of business assets;
  • help in attraction of financing;
  • help in preserving of assets and their management;
  • trusts, trust management.